Show the Love

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Show the Love!

On the 20th of June, UNHCR has set this day as ‘World Refugee Day’ Show the love by doing something for refugees in this week and create a movement from your heart. You can contribute in your own way, in your own area. Involve others to do so!

With the Love Europe app, you can help refugees in a simple way. And you are able to reach out.

Booklet and Cards

Do you want to organise something during the days around the World Refugee Day? You will find everything you need to organise activities for refugees in our special ‘Show the love’- booklet.

Show the Love - bookletThe booklet contains:

  • recipes
  • practical tips how to use the app
  • all about Love Europe
  • tips for contact with refugees
  • common phrases in different languages
  • inspiration check list with what you can do

Get your booklet here <link to digital download>. The ‘Show the love’- booklet is available in English.


Post Cards

Get others involved, and promote ‘Show the love’! We have great postcards to share! Get them here »

Show the Love - cards


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icon show the love #

We #showthelove to refugees. Please do the same.


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globe Europe and Africa

Nearly 60 million people are displaced worldwide. Each day thousands more flee their homes


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show the love

On June 20, the world commemorates the strength, courage and resilience of millions of refugees


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logo Love-Europe

Love Europe is an app for refugees to help them find what they need most.