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Why will we only succeed working together?

In order to provide refugees with POIs and interesting events all over Europe, we are depending on people who know their surroundings. Maybe you are already involved in helping refugees in your hometown, in any case, you will know the relevant POIs and events of your town and can enter them into the app. It is the local people who know best what’s going on in their town.

What benefit do you have from it?

Even though the app is primary made for refugees, it’s also of use for others:

  • Organizations that provide services for refugees can now use a new way of effectively making their services known to their target group.
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  • People that are not (yet) involved in voluntary work but want to help in some way can use the app to find out about organizations that offer help to refugees in their hometown. With the help of the provided E-Mail addresses and telephone numbers, contact with the organizations or groups is easily made.
  • Citizens that are sometimes not able to answer questions by refugees like “What activities are there going on in this town?” can easily answer that question with help of the app.
  • If you have relevant information that could be helpful for refugees you can invest a few minutes and add them easily to the app via the crowdsourcing function
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