Buddy2Buddy – connecting people

Connecting refugees and locals automatically, matching them based on their needs and offers. People then can build relationships and support each other as neighbours. Easy, scalable, adjustable.

The current Corona crisis has brought everybody in a kind of “new country”: Home office, schools closed, lockdown, challenges for people above 65 to shop, to keep contacts, etc. Especially refugees struggle because the integration process is slowed down. NGOs lay off their activities e.g. there are no language classes, food distributions, and meeting points anymore. Refugees are being isolated in their “homes”.

We all need one another to come through this crisis. A big challenge is to match needs and offers. Best solutions in the current stage of the Corona crisis are in the direct neighborhood that build up social closeness, accepting physical distancing rules.

What it does

Buddy2Buddy - connecting people.

The Buddy2Buddy module connects people in the neighbourhood

  • based on their needs and abilities
  • takes over coordination function with it’s business logics and matches people nearby and locally
  • easy, scalable, adjustable
  • ready to become multilingual
  • available on Android and iOS (Download now!)


Flyer to promote your help and this app in your neighbourhood:

Our Buddy2Buddy function has left the beta phase and can now be used by everyone. This function should help to connect locals and newcomers:

  • Online chat function
  • Newcomers register interests (categories) or help requests.
  • Locals register (help) offers.
  • Connecting people locally based on common interests or offers.
  • Possibility to socialize and meet in person.

Register and help newcomers to integrate successfully.