What’s this app all about?

This app helps refugees and newcomers find the information they need most. The app provides lots of locations in different countries: available at the moment are Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and France. Greece, Austria, Sweden, the UK, Malta and other countries will follow quickly.

Even when you’re offline, the app still works for navigation and events. All locations and events are stored on your phone so you can navigate to locations using the compass function if you are disconnected from the Internet.

The app will also help you communicate during your travel and stay. The app is multilingual and always displays information in two languages, so it can be used as a communication tool. The phrasebook provides a lot of basic phrases you can use in another language.

When you’re new in a city or area, it will be great to connect with people in the neighbourhood. In the app, you find a local events agenda, with events for refugees and newcomers. Think about language café, cultural activities, sports, meet and greet with people from the area. It will help you to integrate into your new place.

You can be connected in a personal way. Select if you need or or can offer help and become a buddy. Offering and receiving help is applicable for various topics. For example form filling, language help or guiding. The system creates a personal match and brings you into contact to each other.


Love Europe Logo

The Love-Europe app logo is a helping hand in the shape of a heart. This communicates our motivation for creating this app – we welcome refugees and care for them by extending a helping hand from our hearts.

Love-Europe : start-menu

The app will have two languages in the design, so it can help the user to communicate with other people. Here are English and Arabic enabled.


This is an important part of the app: the map with all the necessary information for refugees and newcomers to Europe.

Love-Europe : location-details

For every Point of Interest you will find the basic information like the location, phone number, email address, website, etc.

Love-Europe : events

In the Events section, you’ll find local Events that are interesting for refugees and newcomers. Not all areas are covered at the moment. You can help to add Events yourself via the app!

Love-Europe : language help

The Phrasebook contains many basic phrases you can use in another language. Always in two languages side by side (thanks to Refugees Phrasebook Project)

Love-Europe : offline-compass

When you’re offline (no wifi, no mobile internet) you’re still able to navigate to your Point of Interest using the compass.

Love-Europe : languages

The app will have a growing number of languages to choose from. Right now: Greek, Farsi, Turkish, Italian, Tigrinya, Spanish, French, Tamil, Arabic, German, English, Dutch.

Love-Europe : crowdsourcing

All the app users are able to add new locations and events via the (+) button. After review it will be published. So start adding your locations and events.

Love-Europe : media-center

The Media center contains a collection of helpful videos with videos about the country, culture, language, religion and other information.

Love-Europe : country info

The country information gives you information about the country you are in. What are the habits, how does this culture works and what are important values here?

Other highlights of the Love-Europe app:

  • Navigation through Europe in a growing number of countries
  • Map with very helpful information for refugees and newcomers to Europe
  • Offline navigation available
  • Bilingual display of information to help communicate
  • Library of helpful basic sentences in many languages
  • Interesting nearby events for refugees and newcomers
  • Add your own local initiative via crowdsourcing
  • Media center with a collection of interesting movies and audio’s for refugees and newcomers
  • Buddies will connects volunteers and refugees in a personal way (in development)

Please note that we’re continuously adding more information to the app. So stay tuned!