About Love-Europe

The Love-Europe app was created with the help of many people, working together, motivated by their love of people.

Why Love-Europe?

Since 2015, thousands of refugees are streaming into Europe every day.

Many people are on the run because of war, huge risks, and poverty. In Europe, we see many people coming from the Middle East, Africa, and East Asia, trying to find refuge in a new land.

Even though may of them love the land where they grew up, for many of them it’s not possible to return to their homeland safely.

Since the majority of the refugees are coming to Europe with a mobile phone, we want to offer them a mobile app – the Love-Europe app helps them navigate, communicate and integrate during their travel and stay.

With the Love-Europe app we offer a warm welcome to refugees in our countries and cities. The first priority for newcomers in Europe is to understand the country and get connected to the people in Europe. Learning a new language is often the first priority after arriving. Getting to know the people and culture is a key to integrating.

Who we are

We are compassionated people working together to help refugees. The idea and development of the app is initiated by Agape Europe, developed with the Jesus.net-Foundation. With the use of our existing network and the possibilities of technology today we are able to develop and collaborate with partners all over Europe in an innovative way to help those in need.

Our vision

We are touched by seeing the need of the refugees and want to respond.

We believe that we are called to take care of people in need. Every person is valuable, everybody needs a hopeful future. We want to help them to feel at home, to take care of them and to show this in a practical way.


We’re partnering with many local organizations in the different European countries. In our network are organizations and NGO’s like Agape Europe, IAFR, Top Mission, SEA Taskforce Flüchtlinge, Agape international, Groningen Verwelkomt, and many more. In the app you see also the local partners we’re working with. Cities are especially welcomed to join in as well.

Love Europe is now also collaborating with TWR’s refugee ministry for our Media Library! They seek to produce and distribute radio programs that provide information, encouragement, and ultimately hope to refugees throughout Europe as they struggle with trauma and adjustment to a new culture. They now manage the “Media section” of the Love Europe app, where you can find these programs, including “New Country, New Home”, “Hope for Syria”, and “Women of Hope”.

If you are also involved in supporting refugees and would be interested to join our network please contact us!