Love-Europe, app for refugees

Love-Europe, apps for Refugees and newcomers

'Helping refugees find what they need most’

Love Europe offers tools and app to help you navigate through Europe. These app and websites will help you find what you need most, both on your journey and when you settle.

The main focus here is on places and events where refugees can get in touch with locals: for example, encounter cafés, joint sports activities, or German lessons. Refugees can use various apps to find out where they can meet people (especially locals!) in their neighbourhood. This creates friendships and an understanding of the other culture. In other words, an important step towards integration.

We see the need for such comprehensive and user-friendly apps in Europe, which offer refugees the help they so urgently need.

Our dream is that Love-Europe isn’t just different apps, but it's a tool to help integrate. Getting to know people, becoming friends with people in their new neighborhoods, is key to integrating.

Help spread Love-Europe and give out of the love and generosity of your heart!