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2017-02, ENGLISH: Flyer Love Europe »

2017-05, ENGLISH: Brochure ‘Share The Love‘ »

Press releases

2017-06, DUTCH: “Love-Europe lanceert Video” (pdf)

2016-04, DUTCH: “Love-Europe is de mobiele app voor iedere vluchteling” (pdf)


ENGLISH: “The journey of a refugee in Europe

DUTCH: “Het verhaal over de vlucht van Hakim door de Zandschepper

ENGLISH: “The Love-Europe app for refugees and newcomers

TIGRINYA: “Orientierung / ብኸምዚ ኣብዘይ ትፈልጦ ከተማ እቲ ትደልዮ ቦታ ክትረኽቦ ትኽእል::

TIGRINYA: “Phrasebook / ብኸምዚ ምስ ዘይትፈልጦም ሰባት ክትመያየጥ ትኽእል::

DUTCH: “Love-Europe: wat is het?

ENGLISH: “Welcome to Europe” (welcome for app-users)

ENGLISH: “Love-Europe: what is it?

ENGLISH: “Walkthrough the Love-Europe app

ENGLISH: “Sights and Sounds of a Refugee Camp


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Promo Love-Europe App

Promo Love-Europe App

Promo Love-Europe App

Promo Love-Europe App



Love Europe-App

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brochure Love-Europe (Dutch)

Dutch version, PDF (2,7MB)